Saltwater Academy

Saltwater Academy is the training and development arm of Saltwater Country Ltd with expanding suite of skill-building training programs.

Our suite of programs is a pragmatic and hands-on way to transfer skills and build confidence and capability with partners, designed to engage and upskill First Australians.

A leading, place-based, and people-centered Aboriginal-led program with a focus on agribusiness, tourism, entertainment, and collaboration with small businesses and industries in rural, remote and regional communities. Our training programs aim to innovate to engage and educate and also fill the gap in large-scale training projects for young Aboriginal people in the Kimberley and across regional Western Australia. We want to elevate our skill sets and capacity to achieve a sense of pride, tell the story of our people, and embrace culturally relevant opportunities.

Our Achievements

With a culturally relevant and appropriate focus and response to those who need it most in the community, Saltwater Academy engage with industry and small business to create training and development opportunities with real impact and real outcomes. With a focus on paid work experience in courses designed by Aboriginal people for Aboriginal people, Saltwater Academy creates a gateway to further education and social engagement. The Kimberley and surrounding region benefit from the development of culturally safe learning spaces created and connection to community and country.

Our Outcomes

In a region of low socioeconomic status and high crime, suicide, and domestic violence rates, the opportunity for youth to build skills in creative and culturally relevant streams increases resilience and strength to engage and empower. Access to transferable skills and introductions to small businesses and larger industries creates and produces a long-term, reliable workforce and also future-proofs the community in regard to mentors, skilled practitioners for future programs, and the transfer of legacy to the next generation.

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