Saltwater Stories

First Australians are natural-born storytellers and creatives, so it is only natural that Saltwater Country provides an opportunity for the modern cultivation of such skills with a focus on intergenerational knowledge transfer from First People practitioners. A leading, place-based, and people-centered Indigenous-led program that provides a pathway into the creative industries.

The training programs aim to innovate, engage and educate; and fill the gap in large-scale creative projects for young Indigenous people in rural, regional, and remote Australia. With a culturally relevant and appropriate focus and response to those who need it most in the community, Saltwater Stories engages with industry and small businesses to establish capacity partnerships and create pathways of positive change. Building towards paid work experience opportunities for students at large-scale events we build creative skill sets, and local experience, and increase local spending.

Saltwater Stories is an opportunity for young people to build skills in creative and culturally relevant streams, and increase resilience and strength to engage and empower. With access to transferable skills and introductions to highly skilled and high profile professionals, we create a long-term, reliable workforce, future-proofing the community in regard to mentors and skilled practitioners for future programs, projects, and events. Saltwater Stories current programs include:

  • film
  • photography
  • sound recording
  • story boarding
  • lighting
  • sculpture


  • artistic design
  • graphic design
  • storytelling
  • curation
  • exhibition
  • music performance
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