The Saltwater Country Journey

The journey to Saltwater Country has been a long one, one that is not yet over. Born out of the red dust and country way of life we seek to use the sport of Rodeo and Campdraft to create positive change in our community and the wider Kimberley region. In doing so we seek not to compete with existing organisations but instead collaborate and partner with as many as possible to create the Northern Run to Saltwater Country.

In 2015 a number of members of the Saltwater Country Inc. committee ran Rodeo Express, the first all Indigenous run rodeo in Broome, Western Australia. The event was a resounding success despite just a six weeks lead time, proving that local Indigenous people can run a safe, family oriented event involving local businesses and community members. It was an event without incident nor injury and one we used to give back to organisations close our hearts in particular Lifeline, White Ribbon Foundation and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

We hope to continue to build these numbers by running Rhythm & Ride: Rodeo, Campdraft and Country Music. We will use the income generated to develop our organisation, a sustainable event and a rodeo school.

Background Photo: Streets Jetty, Broome © Photo supplied by Tourism WA

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