Business Financial Literacy

Saltwater Country offers opportunities that enable First Peoples’ advancement, particularly in areas that our community has historically been locked out of. In the spirit of true engagement, we work in the community and listen to the lived experience, needs, and aspirations of our people. In turn, we seek out and create strategic capacity partnerships such as with Deloitte for our Business Financial Literacy Program.

In doing so we provide access and opportunity to learn transferable skills, introductions to small businesses and larger industries, create and produce a long-term, reliable workforce, and future-proof the community.

Saltwater Country has secured a low and pro bono partnership with Deloitte to establish a quarterly Financial Literacy Training Program to produce mentors and skilled practitioners for future programs facilitating the transfer of knowledge to the next generation. This training is an evolving offering meeting community members where they are at in the business financial literacy journey, with interactive and the key learning objectives in a culturally safe environment to:

  • Become familiar with the key terms and important parts of financial statements
  • Understand how to do financial analysis
  • Be able to calculate financial ratios (a quick health check of your business finances)
  • Work through case studies relevant to participants businesses, community organisations and industries
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