Saltwater Cowboys

Saltwater Cowboy was a badge of honour historically worn by the courageous hard hat deep sea pearl divers of yester year. A time when Broome was a bustling out post built on the backs of men risking their lives everyday to harvest the saltwater pearl.

The modern day Saltwater Cowboy sports a hat of a different kind, as brave as their predecessors they have been hardened by life on the land, a life too tough for many but one they would not exchange for anything. Risking their lives not in the depths of the ocean but instead the rugged wilderness that is the Kimberley. Riding bulls and broncs they test fate with every buck, every twist and yet they beg for more.

In recognition of this resolve to dust themselves off every time and to ride again, Saltwater Country Inc. hopes to develop a team that is committed to rodeo and campdraft, Saltwater Country and affecting positive change by becoming role models for their community. A team that will train hard and travel the country to compete in their chosen events. Representing their families and their communities but most importantly carving their own tracks in the long red dirt road to their dreams.

Thousands of kilometres, hundreds of hours, countless minutes…all in the quest for the perfect ride.

Photo: Historic Pearl Diver helmets, in Broome supplied by Tourism Western Australia

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