Saltwater Cowgirls

Saltwater Cowgirls are some of the toughest women in the world, not only traditionally have they had to be tough enough to deal with Saltwater Cowboys; they have had to create their own future, a future too often mapped out for them by preconceived ideas of what a woman should say, what a woman should do and what their socio economic status permits them to be.

Saltwater Cowgirls buck the trend, they are strong, they are intelligent, they are resilient, surviving and thriving within the harshest of landscapes. It is with this in mind that Saltwater Country Inc. hopes to support Saltwater Cowgirls to achieve their dreams, to become part of a team that will travel the country competing in their chosen events. Representing their families, their communities and most importantly representing the best version of themselves. Role models for those that are just realizing how hard life can be.

Watch this space, Saltwater Cowgirls will prove they are not meek and mild members of the ‘fairer sex’ but instead a force to be reckoned with. Possessing the drive and determination they need to train hard and succeed.

Saltwater Country Inc. hopes to create partnerships that help Saltwater Cowgirls to survive and thrive. To achieve their dreams.

Photo: Display of Broome Pearls supplied by Tourism Western Australia

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