Churchill Fellowship

Saltwater Country prides itself on celebrating the past and building a better future for our community. With a continuous improvement mindset we are always looking for collaboration and learning opportunities. As a small charity that punches above its weight, we have achieved a lot in a short period of time. We are focused on working smarter not harder and for that we look to those who have walked before us.

It is with this in mind our Chairperson and founder Cara Peek will be embarking on a Churchill Fellowship to research Black and First Nations owned and run Western Sporting events in Brazil, USA and Canada. She will not only be looking at the events and how they run, but also their supply chains, support industries, schools, colleges and community programs.

Through this innovative and important research Saltwater Country’s international networks will grow with the intention of enriching Saltwater Country’s two primary offerings back home in Australia, Rhythm + Ride and Saltwater Academy. Opportunities for partnerships and collaboration with like minded people and organisations will be invaluable for Saltwater Country’s strategic growth. Newly found competitors and organisations will be invited to travel to Yawuru country, to take part in Rhythm + Ride building the relationships even further, creating pathways for our young people to obtain life changing opportunities both in Australia and abroad.


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