Impact Measurement

Impact Measurement is an important tool for any organisation to quantify their impact on the world, and more specifically in Saltwater Country’s case, on the First Australian Communities and people we are trying to advance. As a First Nations female led organisation that is often locked out of grant or capital raising processes it is important Saltwater Country has a mechanism through which it can articulate the Social Return on Investment we know our initiatives have. This includes but is not exclusive to employment, education, economic and social amenity outcomes.

Recently Saltwater Country worked with Deloitte to build an Impact Measurement System that enables us to measure our Social Return on Investment.  We hope this provide comfort to current and potential funders and partners on how far their dollar stretches when the invest in a First Nations female led, regionally and culturally relevant organisation. The system measures the impact of Saltwater Country as a whole including both Saltwater Academy our training and development arm as well as our flag ship event Rhythm + Ride. It will continue to inform our continuous improvement approach as we continue to grow, highlight the value of imbedding cultural integrity, and identify our unique value proposition.


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